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Friday Link Round Up December 14, 2007

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It’s a big one to last you through the holidays…

Food for thought:

  • Tastes Great, Less Filing
    • A recent LibraryJuice posting made an analogy targeted at undergrads suggesting why they should choose the library over Google. “Why eat at McDonald’s when you can eat for free at the five star restaurant of your choice?”

Information Literacy:

  • Lesson Study in Libraries
    • “we’ve used Lesson Study to write, revise, and perfect a couple of modules teaching librarians can use when they go out to do library instruction”


  • AuthorStream and a Web 2.0 presentation
    • Overview and example of Authorstream, a product very similar to Slideshare, in that it allows you to upload presentations to webspace and to share them with groups. The example is a nice presentation on 30 Web 2.0 tools.
    • Note how you can flip through slides and the audio jumps nicely. (which you can also use to flip through to things you might not have heard of rather than listen to the whole thing)
  • Office 2.0 Database
    • “I came across this post recently and thought people might be interested. Its from The Office 2.0 Database blog by Ismael Ghalimi. In this post he lists the web 2.0 services that he uses on a day to day basis as alternatives to locally installed software and also a host of alternative services that people can use.Most, but not all, are free services. So it’s well worth a look if you are looking to start working/studying/researching/living virtually.”
    • Via – UCD Library to Go

Just for fun:

  • McLuhan’s page 69 test – Turn to page 69 of any book and read it. If you like that page, buy the book. A collection of page 69s.
  • How to know you know
    • “Read books, google around, check wikipedia. When you start, it will look like most of what is said is reasonable. You are in good shape when you think that 90% of the stuff you read is BS.”