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Go Austin! April 24, 2008

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The Austin Public Library’s winning book cart drill team performance is up on YouTube. (The banner at the end reads: “Literature is my Utopia – Hellen Keller”)

And just in case you missed the original “I want to be a librarian” video when it was making the rounds here it is again too.


4 Responses to “Go Austin!”

  1. R. Allen Says:

    enjoyed the video. thank you for letting me be the fly on the wall beyond the other side that awaits so many learning opportunities. BE NOT AFRAID!

  2. ellieheartslibraries Says:

    Always happy to share!

  3. Amanda Says:

    Thanks for posting the video. I’ve been to the competition the previous two years but couldn’t see much due to the venue. This year they have it in the proper venue and I’m not there that day!

  4. ellie Says:

    Last year was my first and it was definitely much nicer to have it in a setting with stadium seating!

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