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Soapbox for Pride Month June 2, 2008

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Please consider celebrating Pride month at your library. A book display would be an easy and simple way, as would a resources page on your website linking to local activities. Thanks to Self Check for reminding me.

Thank you Denver Public Library (Pride ’08 Page), Oakland Public Library (Pride Page), Las Vegas-Clark County library system (Pride Page), and others that reach out to and value your GLBTQ patrons during Pride month and year-round. I’m not sure you know how wonderful it makes us feel, and what an important service it provides–not just to those who are out and attending your events, but to those who are struggling with their identities and may never attend a Pride program. Thank you, thank you.


3 Responses to “Soapbox for Pride Month”

  1. […] thanks to Ellie for the […]

  2. Emily Lloyd Says:

    Thanks so much for passing it on, Ellie!

  3. ellieheartslibraries Says:

    My pleasure! Thanks for reminding me!

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