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ALA 2008 – ACRL New Member Discussion Group July 9, 2008

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I swung by Reviews Outside the Mainstream and picked up the handouts, but it seemed to be very public library focused so I headed back over to the ACRL New Member Discussion Group – Building a more hireable you: Developing your resume from the inside out. We’re redoing our portfolio format at ACC and I thought I’d see how others were formatting theirs. Plus Merinda plugged it at ACRL 101 and I wanted to support her since she was so awesome and helpful with our project.

There was a nice agenda with some guiding discussion questions as well as examples and suggested reading (Functional and Stylistic Needs of Every Online Portfolio by Christopher A. Brown).

We discussed getting on committees – that once people know you do your work it’s pretty easy to keep moving up. This came out of a discussion of ways to develop yourself, which included Immersion, committees, conferences, and virtual/online conferences.

Then we discussed where you put these things on your resume. Some suggested headings were “selected professional development,” “professional development,” and “service.”

Other suggestions included publishing, poster sessions, and presentations. Choose something that interests you.

We discussed whether our institutions required us to have online portfolios and whether any of us were bloggers and whether we included that. It was a mixed bag.

We were told a typical CV lists job responsibilities first. Education goes at the end. After job responsibilities you list publications, presentations, service, professional development, and some people include skills.

We also talked about whether we include photos in our portfolios and other places online. How much do you want to share? People make a lot of assumptions from a picture and can find out a lot about you – gender, race, age… One person said he makes a point of putting a picture on purpose since there are others of you online, so this way you’re choosing the one they see first.

The examples on the handout were:


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