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Monday – A day in the life of a librarian July 14, 2008

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Get in, turn on my computer and go start water for tea. Open Firefox and Twirl. Load my Morning Coffee (a Firefox add on that lets you choose pages to open on a given day). For Monday that means my college’s homepage, Gmail (I run all my accounts through Gmail), my work calendar, Meebo, and Pandora. Those are every day. On days I’m on IM duty two Meebo pages open and on Friday Wired’s Geekapedia opens for some fun reading.

Check my calendar to see I have a meeting at 10am at another campus, set a reminder to ping me at 9:15 so I have time to double check the best scooter route over there. (I love Google maps’ drag and drop route and street view for this.)

First task – email, also the blogs in my “favorites” folder and my friend’s shared items (both nearly all library related, though a comic may slip in…) It being Monday there’s not too much accumulated yet, so it’s a pretty quick task.

After email I decided to go through some of the things lying around my desk, but stop because I ran into my trusty reminder note – Monday – send out “This week in Staff Development” – so off to write that. There actually isn’t anything this week, but I’ve started doing two weeks at a time and there is something next week. I check the Google calendar I’ve created for this as well as our internal wiki.

That sent I go back to the desktop tidying. This includes some filled order forms – I go through them and sort by whether they’ve been acquired, back ordered, or canceled. I’ll come back to them once the budget resets with the new fiscal year to see if I can get any of the ones that had problems. Or I’ll pass them on to the next bibliographer if our collection areas get shuffled. Right now I have American History and Radio-Television-Film (which is what my undergrad degree is in).

Time to head to the meeting. It’s about redesigning our current information literacy tutorial (the Info Game) that’s taken by all of our Comp I students. We’ve got two librarians working on it along with an instructional design specialist and a multimedia developer. It was a good meeting, we iron out a few structural things. Now I have to do some content things and send off our text to the multimedia developer to get working on the code.


Check in on email and tweets that have accumulated while I was out.

One of the emails is setting up a meeting to discuss a draft report that I realize I haven’t finished my section of, so I’m off to work on that. It’s part of the Transforming Texas Libraries project. (wiki) (blog)

With my rough draft a little more polished I went back to the Info Game to send out what we’ve done so far to the multimedia developer.

Checked my campus mail and got my mileage reimbursement paperwork, so I went down to the cashier’s to pick that up. Yay $. Also, that reminded me to put today’s trip on this month’s form.

Also got another batch of processed order forms, sorted those.

Winding down and seeing that my work day is almost over, peruse through our library copy of Library Journal so I can pass it along the chain. Found two American history books to add to next year’s order. (Next fiscal year that is, which starts next month.)


2 Responses to “Monday – A day in the life of a librarian”

  1. Lori Reed Says:

    I would love to hear how you are running everything through gmail. I’ve been trying to get this to work but found I am less productive than in Outlook. Things seem to get lost in gmail never to surface again once they get pushed off the 1st page.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. Thank you for sharing!

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