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Tuesday – A day in the life of a librarian July 15, 2008

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Forgot to mention yesterday that this is part of the “A day in the life of a librarian” meme.

Started up Firefox with my Tuesday tabs, which includes an extra Meebo tab since I’m on IM reference this morning. Also added WordPress to my morning coffee plug-in so my blog will open every day this week. I got sucked into email right away without starting my tea. Time to rinse out my tea cup and remedy that.

Had three more journals in my inbox this morning, so decide to browse through them and send them on their way to the next in line. Skip between that and emails. Post a new training to my professional development blog. Info on tuition vouchers came in – decided to sign up for beginning woodworking.

Found some more books to add to my purchase list in American History from browsing the journals. Bookmarked them on Amazon since we don’t have our carts set up yet. (We’re switching systems.)

Finished the journals – back to sorting through my desk and intermittently checking email. Go through (very small) pile of business cards from ALA and send out emails. Sadly put aside the two I didn’t write notes on since I don’t know who they are or why I have their card – always write notes! Found one of them on Facebook, remember who she is. Yay technology.


Process some gift books and replacement requests. Made a note to order replacements for a few damaged books when the funds reset. Sent some nice textbook donations to technical services for processing. Desk is finally started to look decent. Bookmarked another book that I’d gotten an advanced uncorrected proof of at ALA. Set the proof out on our freebies table along with some more bookmarks advertising our IM reference.

Found out I have to apply to ACC, submit my transcripts and meet with an adviser before I can register for classes. Unofficial copies are OK, but neither of my schools offer those online. I’ll have to check my files at home.

Coordinate the staff development committee’s selection of our team leader and schedule a face to face to hammer out our goals for the upcoming year.

File away a few more things lying around that don’t need to be out and about.

Decide to read as much of my little pile of “to read” paper items as I can before it’s time to head out.

Tonight I work my night job – hourly reference at St. Edward’s University. If I’m not helping students, I catch up on library blogs or articles and select the items for the weekly link round up that I send out as part of my Staff Development activities at ACC.


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