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Wednesday – A day in the life of a librarian July 16, 2008

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Got in and chatted with co-workers. This is actually a rarity for me. I like my coworkers, so it’s not them. I’m just not good at being social, but I try to work on it.

Check my email, load my morning coffee, log into my work Meebo and the IM a librarian Meebo, check in on my favorites folder in my reader, realize I haven’t made tea yet – get on that.

The big piles are gone, so I’m on to my list of things I had decided I’d deal with once I was back from ALA. I decide I’ll tackle weeding first since we’re doing a big push for that recently. I had started reviewing my areas before I left for ALA, but I recently got an email from our collection development team with a spreadsheet of all the items past the recommended age of my collection. Nice gentle reminder 🙂 At first I’m scared that there are so many more items in RTF that are really old than I had, until I realize they’re including all the actual movies. Ha!

Satisfied with my weeding lists for RTF I move on to the real task – American History. We have Innovative Millennium, so my process is to do a create list for my fund (designated by iCode) with any field I might want to sort by, then just start deleting things I don’t want to weed – anything that was purchased in the last 5-10 years or written in the last 10. I’ll sort by total checkouts and delete popular items where the age of the item doesn’t really matter. Eventually I’ll winnow down the list to items I want to actually go look at. Then I’ll schedule a trip to each campus and go around with a book cart pulling items off the shelf. History is a lot harder to work on solely in Excel than RTF since the publication date is a lot less useful.

Next I prep and print the spreadsheets of what I want to look at. I have as a goal for next year getting the librarian laptops configured to have wireless and the iii interface so we can do this with barcode scanners, but for now it’s still paper.

Lunch – Went home for lunch with my sweetie today. Scanned a magazine article he was in for him and played a game I got for my birthday. A nice break.

Back at work, go through new emails, make another pot of tea. Work on the My Gmail approach post. Scheduled a meeting with the staff development team.

Look at my calendar to try to figure out when I can visit campuses to weed while listening to backlog of 60 second science podcasts.

Weeding schedule sorted and campus head librarians notified. On to working on my LibGuides.

I’m having a huge debate with myself on how to set up my LibGuides links. I could use the LibGuides add a link feature, which is perfectly nice and convenient. I could use delicious. I hadn’t really seen any reason to use delicious over the LibGuides tool until I realized today that my custom search engines are set up to search all the links off of my current recommended websites pages. That feature won’t really work on LibGuides, or at least it will get muddied up with extra links to leave comments, go to other guides, etc. If I run it through delicious I might be able to keep it a little cleaner. Or would it be just as muddied from the tags being links? Maybe I’d use the RSS page in the search engine? Another question – does using delicious and RSS bring in all your links, or just the most recent? If you happen to have answers – please share!

Decide to throw some links into delicious to play around and compare.


2 Responses to “Wednesday – A day in the life of a librarian”

  1. Bobbi Newman Says:

    I’ll be interested to see what you do with LibGuides, I’m really hoping we can get it at my library and I’ll be watching how other Public Libraries use it!

    Thanks for the Gmail tips! I’ve added that extension and started playing with it!

  2. Ellie Says:

    Thanks! Glad you found it useful.

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