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Thursday – A day in the life of a librarian July 17, 2008

Filed under: meme — ellie @ 8:29 pm

In a little later than normal this morning due to a personal appointment. Get the tea going and start in on accumulated emails. Set a reminder to set up for the Chem class that is coming in later.

Set up for the Chem class. My campus doesn’t have a separate room for instruction, so this involves pulling out our smart board and media cart, hooking them all up and letting students know there will be a class in that area soon. The Chem classes all go through the same tutorial. I’m there to get them started, hand out topics, and answer questions along the way.

The Chem class went super smoothly. Lunchtime.

Make copies of all the Chem handouts since I stole my office mate’s and she has to do the same thing later this afternoon.

New ordering deadlines for next fiscal year are out. Copy them into my work calendar. Copy the general academic calendar over too.

Read through the American Libraries Direct newsletter. Found another book to add to the order list.

Take care of a few more emails and off to St. Ed’s.


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