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CTLS Exploring Technology Conference November 19, 2008

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img_1714This past Friday I had the pleasure of participating in the CTLS Exploring Technology Conference.

Here’s the wrap up from the CTLS site:

Exploring Technology Conference in Georgetown Wrap-up

Thanks to all our wonderful presenters, technology petting zoo volunteers, and participants for making our first Technology Conference a success — we are thrilled to have spent Friday with you, exploring new ways to serve our patrons and learning, unlearning and relearning about the importance of learning, unlearning and relearning. Sarah Samson, one of our fabulous petting zoo volunteers, blogged about the day’s events and Gretchen Pruett has uploaded pictures from Friday onto her Picasa account. Here’s Rebecca Teasdale’s presentation on 21st century skills in libraries (please be patient pulling it up — it’s pretty big!) and slides from Tine Walczyk’s Streaming Media presentation, more slides and audio portions to follow. And don’t forget that our 23 Things Program starts this week!

I was there as part of the technology petting zoo, demonstrating and answering questions about Meebo and our IM reference service.

The keynote was Rebecca Teasdale 21st Century Skills for Libraries. My notes below:

looking back 10 years

  • 2 ways to contact library – call or walk in
  • only 28% of libraries had internet access
  • it was a big deal they had it at the ref desk
  • spent much of the day trouble shooting computers

now 6-7 ways to contact

  • email, meebo, question point, myspace, youtube, blogger, wiki

couldn’t have predicted it 10 years ago, so we know the trends, but can’t predict the tools

be proud of how far we’ve come and how much we’ve done. really jumped in.

from 4% to 22% of worldwide population connected

millennial generation the first to grow up with all these

caveat about broad generalizations

technology isn’t something you learn, isn’t a tool, just a natural part of life

quote – “the illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn”

org with goal of articulating skills for 21st century learning

21st century student outcomes

  • renewed interest in core subjects
  • contextualized
  • learning and innovation skills
  • information, media and technology skills
  • life and career skills
  • self-directed learning

our institutions were formed in a time when info was scarce, so we’ve unwittingly erected a whole lot of barriers. we need to get our content online

just the first step – has to be findable in the places people are already looking

image 20 different wikipedias, want literature, have to go to the literature wiki – no one would use it

need intuitive user friendly access to all services


teach information literacy in ways that people want to learn it

we really want to teach it and they really don’t want to learn it

we need to continue to build strong collections

make friends with math and science

critically assess the balance of digital and print formats

need to still have items for traditional learners


  • 30million below basic
  • 43% at or below basic
  • continue to lead the way in emergent literacy
  • support increased need for ESL and literacy education
  • blend online and in person learning experiences
  • provide opportunities to create and share writing

content creation

  • use our websites, catalogs, blogs, etc a opportunities for conversation
  • provide facilities,equipment and bandwidth for creating content
  • create spaces for collaboration

don’t ignore the power of this little computer (phone)

  • need to make library available on the phone
  • take a pic of library book barcode to renew (like the one that will look the book up on amazon)
  • make ourselves mobile – physically and virtually

5 skills for 21st century librarian

(1) dealing with change – the library is a growing organism

3 stages

  • the ending – it begins with losing something. permission to grieve that and pay attention
  • the neutral zone – the in between zone where you aren’t sure
  • the beginning

(2) technology skills

  • learning and critically assessing new technologies
  • adapting good ideas to the library context
  • there’s a place for all of us, we’re a team
  • dive in and develop our own skills from where we’re starting

(3) continuous learning

  • learning how to learn in new ways
  • getting comfortable with risk taking and failure
  • embracing learning as play

(4) project management

  • traditionally we are a reactive profession
  • you can walk in and ask us anything
  • need to move to proactive – roadmap – sell our ideas and visions – collaborating across departments and beyond the library

(5) connecting with our communities

  • learning to really listen to the communities
  • oclc has been leading the way, but we need to take it back to the local level

resource – welcome, stranger


2 Responses to “CTLS Exploring Technology Conference”

  1. shinylib Says:

    The phone is definitely where it’s at for a lot of people. Our web development team decided to create a mobile interface at the outset of our new design process. I couldn’t have been more pleased.

    5 skills for 21st century librarian really resonated with me. I dunno what the presentation was, but you’ve pretty much summed up my idea of 5 skills in your notes.

  2. ellieheartslibraries Says:

    Yeah, I thought it was a really great presentation. Glad you enjoyed!

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