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Monday – A day in the life of a librarian January 26, 2009

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I’m glad we’re doing this again. Last time was over the summer and now we’re more into a typical semester.

My mornings haven’t changed though. It’s still get in, turn on the computer and start the tea. 🙂 This year I’ve been mixing up a batch of scone batter on the weekend and baking one each morning so that’s been a nice treat. I still open Firefox first, but I’ve dropped twirl in favor of Facebook for my library-folk updates. For a while I had an app running that tweeted my Facebook updates, but it seems to have broken, as did the one that would post to twitter and Facebook from Gchat. I haven’t bothered to look into either of them because I never got a lot of replies on Twitter and everyone who did is also on Facebook.

With Firefox up I hit the Morning Coffee icon and get Gmail, my work calendar, meebo and Pandora. As before, those are every day. On days I’m on IM duty two Meebo pages open.

I quick check my email and open our work wiki. We’ve had the same book display up on American Indians since November and I want to suggest some topics to the adjunct that does our displays. We have two and I’m thinking Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to bring out the books on relationships and sexuality and I want to be sure those go on the display area that is NOT a locked glass case, so I’m looking at our display ideas page to see what else is listed under February.  Black History Month is the clear winner in my mind, so I send off an email to the adjunct.

Again, same as before – first task – email, also the blogs in my “favorites” folder and my friend’s shared items (both nearly all library related, though a comic may slip in…) It being Monday there’s not too much accumulated yet, so it’s a pretty quick task. Also, Monday I send out a “This week in staff development” email. Back to the wiki to see what there is. We have a new digital resources librarian and she adds vendor trainings to the calendar, which is nice because otherwise right now it would be pretty bare. On my way to the calendar I notice the “exchange” project where the Staff Development Team has a forum to hold meetings and write myself a note to call a meeting sometime soon to check in on our goals. I also open up the HR workshop calendar. I have a note pinned up above my desk with the most requested trainings from my last survey and I’ll check to see if HR is offering any of them this month or next. I also clean up the wiki and delete trainings that have passed. I check my Google calendar, where I’ve subscribed to lots of other calendars, to see if anyone like ACRL has a (free) training coming up that I missed. ACRL has one that isn’t free, so it doesn’t make the email cut, but it does go up on my professional development blog.

My reference desk shift is about to start so I glance at my todo list to see if anything is a desk friendly activity. I go with updating the new books list. A coworker stops by to give me my silver medal pin for participating in our Walk Texas fitness challenge.

And then we had a power outage. It teased us by starting up and shutting back off about 3 times before coming back on for good an hour later. I talked with coworkers and looked through some journals that had piled up. With power restored I was out to the desk, apologizing that no, the internet wasn’t back yet. And then it was. I checked in on email and worked on the new books list.

It’s the first week that our textbook collection is open to all students, so that’s the popular question of the day. That, along with redirecting students to the computer lab when they can’t open documents off of Blackboard because we don’t have Word on our computers. I’m very much looking forward to getting Word installed!

Working on the new book list I debate whether I need to keep the old one online or not. I decide not too to reduce clutter. I also debate whether to call it New Books Fall 2008 because that’s when they were purchased, or New Books Spring 2009 because that’s when the list was made. Since I’m deleting the old new books page I opt for just New Books. 🙂


And then back to the new books lists for the rest of the afternoon.


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