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Tuesday – A day in the life of a librarian January 27, 2009

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Morning routine remains the same. Then I set in on the new books lists. Yesterday I did Visual Communications Design. Today is Radio, Television, Film and Psychology. I had a little break from that mid-morning for a conference call. One of our head librarians had been coordinating the training of two of our new hires over the fall and she’s passing this responsibility over to the staff development team, which I and another coworker co-chair, so we were sharing notes about what all that would entail. I sent out an email to all the people we need to spend some time with the new librarians sharing different areas of expertise.

Other emails interrupted periodically and prompted me to remind everyone to sign up for their CE credits for our all department meeting, add the number of copies we would like at our capus to the MLA order, send out a request for information to the cjc-l listserv (I want to automate the notification process for faculty when new books arrive – if you’re a iii library and have an answer please leave a comment!), and talk to my office mate about our proposal for rearranging the library to make space for a sound blocked teaching area. Right now we have our instruction sessions in the middle of the library and we’d like to move it to a back corner. I drew out the floorplan in Google SketchUp and she’s going to look up the furniture item numbers and prices.


Looked at a gift book that had come in and sent it off to technical services with a note to stablize the front cover and add it to the textbook collection since it’s in good condition (besides a rolling cover) and it’s a current textbook.

Other things that I flitted between during the day – trying to figure out if it’s possible to set up automatic notifications for faculty when a requested book arrives (apparently not), adding a “rush” status to a dvd I had previously ordered, reading various list-serv emails, deciding to do a new dvds list for RTF as well as new books, and making more tea.

Finished RTF new books list and new dvds list.


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