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Wednesday – A day in the life of a librarian January 28, 2009

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Morning routine remains the same. It’s a Wednesday which means a new post on In the Library with the Lead Pipe, so off to read that. When I finished the VCD new books list I sent an email off to my VCD liason who forwards it to the faculty. I don’t have that set up for RTF, so I collect up email addresses from the department website and the ACC directory.

And off to the desk. The desk was getting a little out of control with random papers, so I tidied up and printed out more stat sheets since we were on our last page. I also went on a hunt for the missing reference desk stapler. It was in the computer lab just like last time.

Back at the desk I open up the Innovative Millennium software to make the create list of new psychology books so I can add those to the research guide. Saved the biggest for last, not sure that was wise…

Slightly busy morning at the desk. Held a book for a TexShare patron that will be coming over from the public library, got a textbook sent over from another campus, and directed a bunch of people to the computer lab hidden in the back corner of our library. Still too early in the semester for the research questions ๐Ÿ™‚ Forty minutes into my shift, I sit down for the first time. Finished the psychology new books list.

Off the desk an hour early because I’m picking up an extra hour tomorrow (another librarian needed to swap). Lunchtime!

Collect up email addresses for the psychology faculty to send them the new books list. Discusses a database that a faculty requested with our e-resources librarian. They’re quoting her a price for libraries that is ridiculously higher than their posted price for individuals, so I may suggest the department get an individual subscription in their department’s lab. Decide to sort through some piles on my desk. This includes going through some collection development stuff and seeing if I want to add any of it to my wishlists. Heard back on the final price of that requested database – way too high, passed the info on to the faculty with explanation and apologies.

Forgot to sign on to my IM shift until the person I was supposed to relieve reminded me. Oops! Get a thank you from an RTF prof for all the books and dvds ๐Ÿ™‚ Try to sort out what’s going on with my First Look Custom Profiles from Baker and Taylor. Ordered a bunch of RTF dvds.


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