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Thursday – A day in the life of a librarian January 29, 2009

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Got in this morning and had some film requests in my mailbox, all history related though, so I forwarded them on to the American history bibliographer (which I was last year and probably why they came to me this time). Then started my tea and the rest of my morning routine. Spent a little more time on email this morning looking through the ones I hadn’t replied to immediately.

My head librarian asked for the updated Staff Development Team Goals sheet on my way out to the desk, so that’s my next task. While I’m in the wiki I also schedule a virtual meeting in the SDT Exchange forum. With the software we use for our wiki there are multiple “projects,” so for example, the Staff Development Team is a “project.” It is open for viewing and editing by everyone who has access to the wiki. (The wiki is password protected since it does contain sensative information.) Then we also have a project called Staff Development Team Exchange. This one is only open to members of the Staff Development Team. Here we share things we’re working on and hold meetings in the forum area without cluttering up the project that is for everyone. So a meeting for us is really just asynchronous checking in with a due date.

Finished updating the goals and uploaded the new document into the wiki. Helped a student look for his textbook. Decided to take a look in the reference cart in Title Source and see if I want to add any copies for my campus.

And then the camera crew showed up. My officemate is a native Spanish speaker and the college is putting together a video (in Spanish) on resources for ESOL students, so she’ll be talking about the library.

One of my emails is about comparing our print and electronic references titles, so I go through that spreadsheet and add my comments. I also spend some time working out schedules for training of our two new librarians and trying to schedule a training for all of our librarians.

I start to go through a folder marked “Received – RTF” which contains all the slips of paper that come to me once something I’ve ordered has been cataloged and put on the shelf. I had planned to go through and double check all of them, but decide instead to trust the aqcuisitions department (they do hand write the LC number on the sheet, and we get sheets with notes for the ones with problems). So instead I flip through quickly to make sure I didn’t miss any notes about back orders and recyle the whole lot.


Back at the desk for one more hour. Show someone how to use the catalog to find DVDs. Look through my online “toread” items.

One of my film professors uses my Meebo widget to say hi and asks me to say hi to her class. She’s showing them my research guide. Yay!

I explain our policy on not ordering textbooks to a faculty member, extra confusing because the library houses a textbook collection that comes from separate grant funding and is run by another department.

Get an email from one of my ALA committees asking me to try out the new ALA Connect, so log in and go through the checklist they sent. Get a few more emails and phone calls that help with some of the scheduling I’ve been doing and add that info into my spreadsheets.


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