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Friday – A day in the life of a librarian January 30, 2009

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Morning tea, email, blogs, etc. Friday means Friday link round up and I hadn’t found as many things as I usually do this week, so I spend a little more time than usual checking in on all my library blog feeds, not just the favorites. Once I’ve got my choices I send out an email to our library listserv, post them on my blog, and tag them in delicious.

I have the final go ahead to schedule one of the trainings I’ve been coordinating, so I send out an email to the trainer with the date and asking for what all she needs from us. I read through some feedback about our revised version of our information literacy tutorial and forward it with my comments to the other people on my project.

Then we had a staff meeting where we all report on what we’ve been up to. These are excellent and I’m always surprised how little I know about what everyone else is working on. Check in on email and voicemail that accumulated during the meeting.


While I’m heating up my soup I also swap out my staff pick.

Read through the scout report and sent a few links to people. Updated some more of the scheduling for the new librarians’ training.

One email has a link to best sellers in the social sciences so I scan that list for psychology books and add them to my psychology consider cart in Title Source.

Scheduling things takes way longer than you think it should…

Open up my Google SketchUp floorplan of the library so I can label it properly for my head librarian. I definitely did not master this software even a bit, but hopefully it gets the idea across.

Feeling the need to stretch my legs, ran downstairs to pick up my mileage reimbursement.

Going through some handwritten notes – one was to change a template within TS3, but it turns out I don’t have administrator rights, so I send off an email with my requested changes. Another page was my notes from being passed the training assignment of the new librarians. I decide to put these into the staff development exchange wiki. Another note reminded me to purchase poster design books for the viscom department, so I start looking for titles.

Spend the rest of the afternoon working on my portfolio – we have a new set of guidelines and my head librarian reminded us to be on top of this at the morning meeting.


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