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ALA 2009 – Bringing the Immersion Program Back Home July 11, 2009

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Bringing the Immersion Program Back Home
Find out what the ACRL Immersion program can do for you and your institution! Immersion Program alumni will describe significant learning experiences gained from the program, and how they applied this experience to transform their teaching and their IL programs. Discover the benefits and outcomes of the Immersion Program and gain insight into the application process through the panel discussion and poster sessions. This program is sponsored by the ACRL Immersion Program Committee.
Speakers: Amy Mark, Coordinator of Library Instruction and Associate Professor, University of Mississippi; Jim Hahn, Orientation Services Librarian, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Monica Fusich, Head of Instruction and Outreach Services, California State University, Fresno; Merinda Kaye Hensley, Visiting Assistant Librarian for Instructional Services, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

I was excited about this program because we’ll be doing a 2 day teaching boot camp kind of thing at my work.

The speakers all agreed that Immersion is an intense experience – both theoretical and practical.

Merinda went to both teaching and program track. She had three big concepts she wanted to share:

1. A learning community

  • learning that allows questioning underlying assumptions
  • ex: are we pushing our own agendas too hard on students, faculty, etc.?
  • she asked students where they struggle in the research process

2. Learning outcomes and assessment

  • decided pre and post test weren’t feasible
  • use the 1 minute essay

3. Inspiring a shared vision

Monica focused on the program track. She already had a lot of teaching experience. A change she made – she switched all basic instruction to online tutorials. She created an assignment research calculator. She shared her goals for attending – she wanted to learn latest instructional developments, see the big picture and learn tips and tricks from IL leaders and colleagues.

learn latest instructional developments

  • lots of readings as prep
  • had to write history of your institution and SWOT of your program

She also emphasized what a bonding experience it was, but she ran short on time and didn’t get to finish up.

Jim changed his library’s tour. Now, in the FYE class everyone has to grab a book that is authentic to them (their major, whatever) and then do a show and tell. He talked about the video of re-engineering the shopping cart and how that inspired him to be a leader in overthrowing the tyranny of “it’s been done before.” He also said that a good way to avoid burnout is to try different things and that you get a great cohort and look at the library in a new way.


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