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Monday – A day in the life of a librarian July 27, 2009

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I had been getting all these emails about the Library Day in the Life Wiki being updated. I’m glad I finally clicked over in time to see we’re doing a second annual.

This morning was straight to the reference desk, on to Meebo for my IM shift, and checking email. I’m organizing a Team Kick Off meeting for all the team leaders, so I sent out a reminder about that, answered some questions about time and location, and checked in with one of our admins about providing snacks. I’m the co-chair of the Staff Development Team, hence my being in charge of organizing. Other teams include: Teaching, Access Services, Technology, Collection Development, etc. Our yearly goals are due soon and this meeting will be to discuss what all the different teams are planning, how we overlap and affect each other, where we can work together, etc.

I also checked in with a coworker on a project we’re trying to get off the ground, talked about the fall reference schedule for my campus with the other librarians here (we’re a 7 campus system and there are 3 librarians at my campus), figured out coverage for our Head Librarian’s vacation time next week, added some key dates from the academic calendar to my work calendar and synced that with my gcal.

The reference desk is pretty quiet this time of year. I helped someone with printing, loaned out a pen and some white out and smiled at people when they came up for tissues. I also helped someone find some knitting and crochet books. 🙂

We’re also planning a 2 day teaching retreat. I spent some time looking at cheesy motivational phrases trying to pick out the least cheesy ones for the thank you gift everyone will get.


After lunch I worked on my team’s goals form for tomorrow’s meeting. We met Friday with our dean and went over a lot, so this takes a while. I also sent out more emails than you’d think would be necessary to determine who is responsible for ordering, what is involved in ordering, and how many copies we want of the new APA manual.

Then I was back on the desk for the rest of the afternoon. Monday and Wednesday are desk heavy days, Tuesday and Thursday are office heavy days.

I continued working on the goals form, incorporating my meeting notes, and working with a colleague via IM on a proposal. I also talked with our tech guy about the best way to arrange surge protectors to be able to leave out laptops without causing a tripping hazard, measured the area to order long enough cords, pulled a book to send to another campus, and investigated a possibly unattended child (who turned out to be attended after all).

I sent the draft goals to my co-chair for her comments and put the meeting notes into my team’s project in the wiki since there’s a lot on our to do list that doesn’t necessarily go on the goal sheet.

The night librarian came and I headed home.


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