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Tuesday – A Day in the Life of a Librarian July 28, 2009

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Get in, make tea, start up computer. Email first. My computer wants to install updates which will annoyingly slow everything way down. I think we’re due for new computers next semester and I’m greatly looking forward to that. I fill out my monthly mileage report.

My office mate and I go take apart the reference desk and move the 3 sections in preparation for the copier guy coming to move the copier. We discover the reference desk computer has a really weird plug – a three prong with the round one and the two flat ones, but one flat one is horizontal and one is vertical (NEMA 5-20P). The hunt begins for an adapter/extension. We also call the campus manager’s office to get the area vacuumed. It was pretty gross under there.

I help my office mate set up for a class she’s about to teach. I pull out the Smart Board and open up our folding partitions, she gets the media cart and laptops.

Much of the rest of the day is spent trying to figure out what to do about the power adapter. I drive off to Home Depot and Lowes to no avail and we put in a request with IT. I also find out that the room I had scheduled for today’s meeting is now under construction and alert everyone to the new location.

We figure out a work around for the weird plug (which is basically not using it and using s regular surge protector instead) and get the reference desk mostly reassembled before I have to head out to the Team Kick Off Meeting. Apparently there’s a big accident and a major roadway is blocked off. I alert the other librarians and head out. Crazy day!!!