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Wednesday – A Day in the Life of a Librarian July 29, 2009

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Get in, make tea, open email. One is about the ACRL OnPoint chat today. Forward that to the work librarian list and post it on my professional development blog.

I talk to my colleague about approaching our Head Librarians with our project proposal and then approach my Head Librarian with our project proposal. Sorry for the extra vaguery, but we haven’t talked about it with everyone we need to, so it’s not public yet.

Then I’m off to the desk, which I intermittently screw back together from yesterday’s move. An hour in to my desk shift I log in to my Meebo shift.

Also back to email. One is from Student Life about Welcomepalooza so I talk with the librarians on my campus about how to be involved. Also more planning of our 2 day teaching retreat. The phone guys come to activate a more convenient outlet for the new desk location.

I helped a student with a really interesting assignment on using iPhone technology to help people with mental disabilities. He had to rush to class so I got his email to follow up since we were having a really hard time finding anything that he didn’t already have.

My Head Librarian came and talked to me a bit about our hiring committee for a new Senior Library Assistant.

My colleague from another campus showed up and we headed over to our Instructional Design Specialist to talk about our grant proposal.


Send out info to the hiring committee about the second round of interviews. Get a really nice thank you email from the patron I was helping earlier.

Read a great FB note about Emerging Leaders from someone who found me through the day in the life meme and saw a gaming reference in my Twitter stream. I’m really a fan of FB for connecting with fellow librarians.

I work on wording an email as diplomatically as possible to an ALA committee I’m on about the type of project we might want to propose as an Emerging Leaders project. Not sure I succeeded on the diplomacy part, EL is still a sensative subject for me even years later.

Back to the desk.

Help a student with some citation issues, but since his teacher has his own format it’s more helping with understanding editing symbols.

Review potential interview questions for the second round interviews for our senior library assistant.

Show a student how to use call numbers to find a book, then later how to get a list of all the dvds at a particular campus (ours are very annoyingly nonbrowseable). Show another how to get to the registration site. Help explain the conflict notice another is getting and make sure she knows where the advisers are located. Try to explain to someone why encyclopedia.com isn’t awesome, but isn’t terrible. Find him the hardcopy of the book that his article came out of so he can cite that instead. Then show him how to use our finicky copier.

Send a copy of our planning report to the Instructional Design Specialist we’ll be working with on our project. He seemed excited about it which was very encouraging.

Get a compliment on our new arrangement of the reference desk. Discuss when to cite with a student.

I look over my notes from yesterdays all teams meeting and take care of various actionable items. I cringe at having used the term actionable items. Some of these include: making sure our new reference facilitator is wrapped in on the discussion we’ve been having about ordering the new APA manual, adding the fact that you just have to watch out for it to the Psychology fund’s scope notes, sending out a reminder email to campuses who haven’t replied about how many copies of the manual they want, adding all the upcoming emergency preparedness activities to the staff development fiscal year 2010 goal list, changing the terminology from “chair” to “leader,” numbering the goals/outcomes, adding a goal about the updated tech competencies and LibGuides training, changing “ongoing tasks” to “routine responsibilities,” email our web team with suggestions for the about page. Aren’t you just dying to be a librarian now?

Had a student ask me how to pronounce a word. Differentiate. Did, but also showed him m-w.com and the little speaker function. He really liked how it broke it into syllables and mentioned having his brother get the iPhone app.

Night librarian comes and I’m homeward bound.


One Response to “Wednesday – A Day in the Life of a Librarian”

  1. Sherry Says:

    I really enjoyed this entry. Or rather, I found it enlightening. I’m applying to MLIS schools now but, as I don’t have any real library experience, I’m trying to find out as much as I can vicariously. Some of the entries I read in this ‘Day in the Life of a Librarian’ series have emphasized the mundane aspects of the job (paper jams; library card application questions, etc), but your description of your position as a librarian who really helps students–follows up, gets involved and gets excited for their research– is heartening. Thanks 🙂

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