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Thursday – A Day in the Life of a Librarian July 30, 2009

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3722501859_5be89942b1_bIn, tea, email.

This morning I have a meeting with the rest of the Staff Development Team to finalize our FY10 goals, so I print out our draft and pull up a few other planning documents.

The deadline is coming up for our summer database trials so I check our wiki pages on those to make sure I’ve left comments on all of them. I had missed one, so I checked it out and added my comments.

Peek at my reader, which I’ve been neglecting in the current rush of activity. I’m glad I do because Char Booth is also doing this meme and has shared her assessment forms. Thanks Char! Also find that libraryman posted the pics he took at the OCLC Blog Salon. Thanks for telling me I had the 1 upside down guys!

Look into an old title that another librarian sent me and give her permission to weed it.

Meet with the Staff Development Team. Knock out the goal sheet, timeline, and assigning responsible parties in only an hour fifteen.

Check email. Reply with edits to questions for the Senior Library Assistant second round questions.

Do a bunch of my tasks from the meeting right away, including: creating a new page for the Head Librarian Orientation documents in the wiki, sending an email summarizing the desired scripts to be written, and emailing a bunch of other teams about goals that we think are their responsibility.


Go over the proposal document and draft the email that will accompany it.

Off to my reference desk shift.

Continue work on the proposal as well as the interview questions and join in on more back and forth about suggesting an Emerging Leaders project through ACRL.

Student questions at the desk today include:

  • Do we have the newer edition of this textbook?  (Not at this campus, but yes at another one, which was too far away so never mind – we can send between campuses, but the homework is due today.)
  • Do we have a study guide for a particular certification test? (Unfortunately no, and she already had one she had purchased online.  I checked to see who the responsible bibliographer was, but saw her budget and she doesn’t have the budget to purchase every certification review book for her area. I suggested the student try the learning lab downstairs and went back later to see if she already had the material available at the certification’s website – she did – and explained we were unlikely to be purchasing others since there were free guides online and the bibliographer’s budget was so small.)
  • What login do I need for the school webpage? (Helped the student set up her EID and explained which pages would use it and the difference between Blackboard, Webmail, ACCmail and the online services section where she can check enrollment, grades, etc.)
  • How do I checkout textbooks? (Explain our system of first week early access and give contact info to Student Support so she can find out if she’s eligible.)

Back in my office I finalize the proposal and accompanying email to go out tomorrow.