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Friday Link Round Up July 31, 2009

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Customer Service




Friday – A Day in the Life of a Librarian

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In later than usual today using up some banked hours from last week, but still do the tea/email opening routine.

Fill out my lunch preferences for the 2 day teaching retreat we’re planning.

Finished out the final version of my project proposal and its accompanying email and hit send. It’s a request to follow Char’s model and do a student technology and library use environmental scan. I’m crazy excited about the potential and terrified that it will die in committee.

With the big scary deadlines out of the way I finish compiling my Friday Link Round Up and then take to sorting through the piles on my desk (including professional journals that do the rounds among all our librarians then wind up on the shelf, processed order slips, gift books, and random notes) and consolidating notes into my master to do list. I have a lot of non-pressing emails built up in my inbox at this point too, so I expect those 3 things will fill up the rest of my day.