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Monday – A Day In The Life Of A Librarian January 26, 2010

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Got in an hour early because I had some time to make up and good thing too. We’re already swamped with textbook requests and my officemate is handling some but needs to be setting up for a class. I take over at her desk and chat with the waiting student until we get the call back from the textbook campus. After I’ve got the students sorted I make my tea and drop off a printed reminder at the circulation and reference desks that we need to keep all the textbook forms, regardless of whether we’re able to fill the request. I hear that there were 300 students lined up at the textbook campus this morning.

A half hour later I power up my computer and see that it’s library day in the life.

Send out the ‘upcoming professional development opportunities’ email as part of my Staff Development Team duties. This is just quickly copy/pasting the next 2 weeks worth of items from the calendar I keep in our internal wiki. One of my emails is letting me know I now have permissions to edit a section of the wiki that I didn’t have rights to before. As I’m checking on the ‘cheap places to get textbooks’ flyer there I get a call from one of our administrative assistants to discuss the flat panel display we’ll be getting to go behind the reference desk. I had called last week nervous that I wasn’t going to be able to find what we needed through our approved vendors, but in the meantime I had found the right thing after all, but my order had been caught by her spam filter. So far that’s the main drawback of running my work email through gmail. It doesn’t happen all the time, but enough that I now know to ask people to check there.

Notice a box on the floor to the side of my office door with my name and the note, “process and send please” along with initials that I don’t recognize and a separate note from our head of technical services saying that the items do not have security strips. I’m guessing they’re our replacement ITV tapes, but I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with them, so I put a call in to technical services.

Time to go out to the reference desk. Textbooks, textbooks, Jane Austen, textbooks, textbooks, textbooks, Dresden bombing, textbooks, textbooks, textbooks…

As I get a moment between questions I IM with my partner hammering out details on our student technology use survey, including poster design issues and tweaking/trimming the survey to a more manageable length.

Clear through a few emails. Reply to some scheduling meetings. Help more students find out if we have their textbook.


Check to see if any new books have arrived in the last 2 weeks and update the new books list in preparation for sending out the faculty welcome to the new semester letter. Get a call from my dean scheduling a meeting to talk about getting the internal orientation pages ready for the new hires coming the August along with the new campus. Pop in to the wiki to create dummy pages of how I hope to lay it out. This is one of my two really big projects for this semester (the other being the student tech survey). Our orientations are in quite a state of disarray currently.

I’m playing around with different ways to track to-do’s and deadlines, so I open up the excel file that keeps sort of yearly ongoing big things and pull out items to add to my TeuxDeux list. I may wind up going back to paper, but I’m playing with this for now.

I order a book that was a faculty request.

Back to the desk.

One of my to-do items was look over the survey results of what training library staff had requested. I pull that out of my Google form (which is giving me display glitches) and into excel to sort by priority and contact the people who would do the trainings.

I talk to one of the potential trainers and check in with our circulation staff on the status of getting our new laptops cataloged. I help more students with textbook requests.

I spend most of the rest of the afternoon going through work related links I had saved up over the holiday and either adding them to the appropriate subject libguide or otherwise sharing them.


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