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Wednesday – A Day In The Life Of A Librarian January 27, 2010

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In an hour early this morning to make up some of the Cabinetry time from yesterday. Talked to Technical Services about my call with the vendor yesterday. Wrote up yesterday’s day in the life. Set up a Doodle poll about a potential photoshop training and sent out the related email. Run down to the cashier to get my mileage reimbursement. Got word that I’m getting some desk relief time to work on the student tech survey project, so start checking with adjuncts for availability.

On to the desk. Monday and Wednesday I’m on the desk most of the day with a 2 hour break at lunch. Then Tuesday and Thurday I’m only on the desk 2 hours. Each campus handles their own schedule, so this is just how we decided to do ours, not a standard set from above.

In between questions I’m reading reviews that I set up to be emailed to me monthly from Choice based on my collection areas. I also organize the files and browser bookmarks on the ref desk computer for backup and transfer since we’ll be getting a new desktop very soon.

Work on ordering books in my subject areas for the 50% deadline at the end of the month.


I spend a little time clearing/sorting through some piles of paper on my desk.

I had an IM shift from 10-2, but no questions.

Continue to work on collection development on my reference desk downtime for the rest of the afternoon. One of the things I do is collect up the information about how many sections of each of the classes in the Visual Communications department are offered at each campus this semester. This prompts me to email our Office of Institutional Effectiveness to see if they can send me that data instead of me hand collecting it from the course schedule.


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