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Friday – A Day In The Life Of A Librarian January 29, 2010

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The morning starts with a periodicals check in training (how to receive them from the mail and get them into the system). This isn’t one of my typical duties, but I really appreciate the cross training and seeing how it all works.

Then on to emails. Our administrative assistant wants to know if we need any supplies. I let her know we’re running low on tissues. The person doing the photoshop training asks whether the room will have the right software so I make a note to check that when I make the room request, which won’t happen until voting on the date has finished.

I reply to a poll about renaming our Study Guides.

I see that an area I’m responsible for has been updated in the wiki and take a peek. There are formatting issues that seem to be from a copy/paste from word issue. I send a (hopefully) polite explanation of how to use the paste plain text feature. It’s a new part time helper so there’s no reason to expect she would know about the horrors of copy/paste from word.

Do the Friday Link Round Up. I collect up the links throughout the week so today is only formatting and categorizing.


Work on ordering for Visual Communication Design for the rest of the afternoon.


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