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Thursday – A Day In The Life Of A Librarian January 29, 2010

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Got in to two voicemails. One on using our ordering software and one on scheduling a training. Get my computer booted up and my tea made and call them back.

My email contains a reply from our Office of Institutional Effectiveness to my request for course data wondering if something at the department level rather than the course level might suffice. It included a link to something similar and also helpful, but not really what I need. I replied with a further explanation of how I would use the course level data.

I clear out emails that have come in over night, mostly listserv stuff. Most I skim and trash, but ili-l has an intersting discussion on situating a research topic within a discipline that I take the time to read.

Meet with my office mate and our Head Librarian to get the rundown on what was discussed at the last management meeting.

Schedule the wiki training. Ikon comes to fix our printer. Log in to my IM shift.

More phone calls with some possible trainings. More trying to clear through piles of notes on my desk.

Ref desk.

I decide to work on weeding psychology between questions. Get called back to my office to let our tech onto my computer to renetwork the now repaired printer.

Back in my office I have a voice message from a psychology professor asking about journal subscriptions. I call her back, get voicemail and leave her a message answering her question and inviting her to call or email me to discuss further. Our psychology journal holdings are less than ideal, but fixing it is probably beyond our budget at this time.

I rerun our featured lists. That’s a back end catalog thing. It’s upkeep. It’s a little silly that I have to do it by hand, but it takes less than 10 minutes.

I spend the rest of the afternoon ordering for psychology.


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