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Monday – A Day in the Life of a Librarian July 26, 2010

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Busy morning. Before I even got around to making my tea I was grabbed to schedule a meeting to learn the cash deposit procedures so I can provide backup, figured out a mystery dvd set left on my chair with a note directed at our Senior Library Assistant who just left us for grad school (and has the same first name as I do) (they needed new labels because they had the wrong date on them), and sorted out some reference desk scheduling swaps that I had apparently forgotten to ask for before so I can make it to my woodworking class on time tonight.

A half hour later I’m getting caught up on email while making my tea and enjoying some zucchini bread a friend brought over last night.

Sent an email to our data people (Office of Institutional Effectiveness) to get summer enrollment data by section for collection management use. Ordered Char’s new tech report for our professional development collection. Spoke with a few members of our Collection Development Committee about their decision to move witchcraft from history to psychology. Met with my head librarian to get the briefing on the last Library Leadership Team (LLT) meeting.

Desk time!

Slow at the desk (summer session is winding down), so continuing with email. Highlights include: book and media recommendations from colleagues for my fund areas, adding some professional development opportunities to our internal wiki and the profdev blog, submitted extra orders for our new campus opening day collection, agreed to help with a customized LibGuide for an honors psychology class.

Interspersed with email I also checked off some of the tasks I got from the LLT debriefing and checked in with my head librarian to see if the next fiscal year’s teams had been made official yet (they haven’t).

At the desk: help a student with the copier, signed a group up for a study room, helped a student get some math study guides, helped a student set up their school email address, helped a student find the chemistry section. Yup, it’s definitely summer.


IMed with my survey partner on the next steps – which include finished coding and then writing a report and executive summary. Sent emails to coordinate having enough shelving carts available for unpacking at the new campus.

Back to the ref desk and reading less important emails – listservs, scout reports, AL directs, Choice reviews, etc. I also update my LibGuides with relevant links from colleagues and from the scout reports.


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