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Tuesday – A Day In The Life Of A Librarian July 27, 2010

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First thing in the door and we have a broken DVD that circulation wants to know what to do with. We checked the code and it was purchased from Radio-TV-Film funds, which is me, so I looked into a replacement (which took awhile since it was a bit obscure) and sent an email to acquisitions to see if we could squeeze it in to this year or if I have to wait for the new fiscal year.

Then on to morning email. More discussion of the appropriate fund to be in charge of witchcraft. Forwarded the summer course data (number of sections of each course offered at each of our 7 campuses and multiple extension sites) to all the bibliographers.

Looked over some book donations, tough call on one that seemed to me to be low on quality and high on cheese, very popular and open for debate on the harmful/dangerous scale. Turns out we had a copy stolen from our McNaughton collection, so I went ahead and added it as a replacement.

Sent the results of our discussion forum vote to all the full time reference librarians. We had been having monthly meetings on a Friday morning on various topics and have voted to continue these for the coming fiscal year. Submitted the room reservation request. Filled out a form from our Collection Development Team about funding formulas.

Lunch time.

Ref Desk.

Explained to a student that I don’t know why the library’s computers won’t let her open her attachment, it’s something to do with our security settings, but it should work just fine for her in the computer lab.

Code some open ended survey questions from our student technology use environmental scan.

Scanned google reader library/ian items. Added links to my Visual Communication Design LibGuide.

Helped a student researching a local theatre. Had to explain that yes, even though the site fails our instinctive evaluation checks (ads, design quality), The Handbook of Texas Online is a reputable source put out by the Texas State Historical Association. In the process of showing print collection, found an economics book with a bum call number, sent it off to tech services for a new one. Call to get books held at another campus for a different student researching soccer.

Read an article a coworker sent me about fund allocations. Interesting and provocative.

More coding.

Signed in some guests. Showed a student how to do double sided copying on our convoluted copier. Showed a student how to access the health databases and explained that avian is just a fancy word for bird so she didn’t need to use both when searching for the flu. See a younger kid wandering the reference shelves. We have a no unattended children policy, but I also see his mom studying. In the time it takes me to wonder if we would have any kids books he might be interested he’s back at her table with a beautifully illustrated encyclopedia of dinosaurs. I do a quick catalog search to see what else we have on dinosaurs, but he clearly has the best one. I drop off a couple more large animal picture books for him and he goes for the snakes pretty quickly.

Called and had a book held at another campus for a student. Look over and see the kid pointing out a snake’s eyes to his mom. 🙂

A student new to the library researching the death penalty. Showed him the catalog and Opposing Viewpoints. He was ready to take off with just Opposing Viewpoints, but I asked him to stick with me just a second longer so I could show him CQ Researcher. Next student wanted books in Arabic. We had 1 dictionary, other campuses had more and I said we could request those, but of all the options I offered he went for the ebooks (which is a rarity on our campus, but starting to get more popular). He ended up coming back to me 3 times to have me show him again how to do it. In the end I went with him to his computer. He had searched “arbic online,” so we got the “a” back in there and I explained he didn’t need the word “online” and he was good to go.

Showed a student how to copy/paste links because clicking on them in Word is blocked on the library computers. While I was there, got a “where are the printers” and a “how do I make this normal again?” I was very familiar with the annoying ‘show all the paragraph breaks’ view in Word, but couldn’t remember how to get rid of it at the moment. I promised him they wouldn’t show up when he hit print (and I wouldn’t count it against his free pages if I was wrong) and that I’d see if I could figure it out back on my computer (it was the paragraph button in the main toolbar).


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