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Wednesday – A Day In The Life Of A Librarian July 28, 2010

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On the ref desk most of the day today with a break in the middle to give a social bookmarking presentation to faculty.

Helped a student who was having problems opening a file off her flash drive. She was trying to do it through Word and it was only looking for Word files. We changed it to all files and her MS Works file showed up.

I rerun our featured lists, a iii/Millennium thing that really ought to be automated, but isn’t. Hopefully once we update our scope profile we won’t need the featured lists anymore anyway. Rerunning requires: finding the file, clicking search, clicking yes to the warning message, then “use existing search,” then picking the same file you’re already in, then “use,” then “search.” I do this for all 15 files, sort them (mostly by bib/title, but a few by call number), then dedupe them and I’m done. The whole process plus writing up this explanation takes about 7 minutes.

A friendly faculty member makes a joke about his shirt and chats for a few minutes about a couple of local museums. I happen to have been to most of them and thus appreciate his joke about “make sure you leave at least 10 minutes” for one that is particularly small. I like our patrons 🙂

Double check the location for the faculty talk and go over my notes.

Check in a guest. Help someone with the photocopier. Helped a student find biographical information on Woodrow Wilson. Helped a student research information on nutrition for athletes – it’s always a struggle balancing how much they’re willing to learn with getting them far enough that they’ll actually be able to proceed on their own. And convincing them that the articles are all online, but won’t count against them as online sources (which the teacher told them not to use) in the paper. This guy walked out with two books that will likely be pretty good, but I have much less confidence in him remembering even how to get to the articles and he wasn’t interested in actually looking into any of the databases. Helped another student researching diabetes who was a little more interested in seeing how it all worked.

Lunch and off to the presentation.

Presentation went well. Great group with lots of interest. I did a brief overview and left most of the time to Q&A.

Then back to my campus and the reference desk. Helped a student find books on Escher. Helped a student email himself his resume after figuring out he meant that the cd was read only, not the document was read only.

Sent emails about wrangling carts for opening the new campus and about organizing a multiple local library info sharing session.

Browsed through my library/ian RSS feed and backlog of listserv emails.


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