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Thursday – A Day In The Life Of A Librarian July 29, 2010

Filed under: meme — ellie @ 8:13 pm

I’m off the desk for most of the day, so today’s big project is to create a psychology reading list (possibly 2) that is the result of a compromise with a professor who asked for a list of all of our psychology holdings to give to students. The list will be the top 500 that are the newest and most on topic for his class. He also sent a link to a site of classics as an example, but the example site was mostly articles and he’s only interested in books, so I’m still determining how I’ll proceed with that. I had two of our adjunct librarians check the site against our holdings and I had one of our circulation staff check the teacher’s old reading list against our current collection to see how many we no longer have (since a missing item is what sparked the discussion).


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