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Monday – A Day In The Life Of A Librarian January 24, 2011

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Today is the first day that our textbook collection is available to all students. Last week and the week before, students needed a signed form from Student Services. There’s usually a line of about 20 people at my campus, which is one of the smaller ones. The campus that houses the textbook collection has had lines of over 100 students waiting. Today we only had 3. But then they rolled in after we opened and I spent the morning calling the campus that houses the collection and putting books on hold. We had a little assembly line going this year. Circulation checked to make sure the students’ records were clear and gave them the handout on how to find their list of textbooks along with the form we have them fill out. My officemate verified whether we had any copies of each title and I placed the calls. I think it went pretty well, but we did have to run to ask questions rather than have the student right in front of us.

That was 7:30-9:30 pretty heavily the only thing I was working on. Sometime it slowed enough I could catch up on some email.

A faculty member in one of my collection areas sent me her assignments for this semester along with a thank you for the subject guide. That always makes me smile. Another librarian sent me an email asking if it was ok to change the codes on two books from her area to mine and I agreed. There was an email from an adjunct saying we were out of one of the types of flyers we keep at the ref desk, so I printed off a master and left it with our administrative assistant to make some more copies. I also replied to a thank you email for the new Technology Toolbox guide I helped with.

Then I would have gone out the ref desk, but my office mate isn’t feeling well so we switch hours so she can go home earlier. (She wouldn’t just go home, I tried.)

With my newfound office time I edit the draft report of our Student Library & Technology Use Environmental Scan. One of our librarians used to be a copy editor and graciously lent us her services.

But first I check my email and send out replies to a request for me to schedule book repair training for our new circulation staff. We opened a new campus last semester and also had some staff retire and some move on to grad school and other endeavors, so we have a lot of new hires at the moment. As chair of the Staff Development Team, I’m in charge of coordinating trainings.

Worked on the report for awhile, called the editor for a clarification, worked some more. Got interrupted by a phone call from a new colleague with some questions about our ordering software and fund tracking system. I was able to explain all our terms (Appropriation, Expenditure, Encumbrance, Free Balance, Cash Balance) and that the ordering  carts did not automatically update immediately into the Millennium financial status module.

Finished off the new draft and sent it out to the team and higher ups.

Update the white board with my hours for this week.

Continue to be distressed that TeuxDeux seems to be down, so I don’t have my to do list. Make a mental note to transfer those notes into Google Tasks if the site comes back up. (Our school just transfered to Google Apps for Education.)

Took a break to read some listserv emails.


Sent off a copy of a printing poster I designed to our PR Facilitator. She’s working on getting signage consistent among all 8 campuses and I’m hoping to help steer us to more positive language. We’re big on the big red no symbol right now.

Ref desk!

First things first, I wipe down everything with disinfectant since I’m taking over for my colleague who is now going home sick. Questions include: textbooks, textbooks and more textbooks, helping students set up their email accounts, helping students enlarge on the copier, helping students get on the wireless, explaining that Blackboard doesn’t work with IE, try Firefox, and helping students find leisure reading. It’s only the second week of classes, so we won’t get the research questions for a while yet.

In between questions I read the assignments the faculty member emailed me earlier, answer a bunch of chat reference hang ups, rejoice that TeuxDeux is up, notice that my staff pick has been taken and select another one, notice one of our displays (applying to college) is decimated and select more books for it, work on tweaking the “first look custom profile” from Baker and Taylor for one of my fund areas, mostly adding lots more BISAC codes, especially in self-help since it’s a common assignment to review a reputable self-help book, and work on ordering for one of my subject areas.


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  1. Erin Says:

    I was pretty much freaking out about TeuxDeux being down earlier today… what would I do without it?! Good idea to back up… 🙂

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