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Tuesday – A Day In The Life Of A Librarian January 26, 2011

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In early today, covering a ref shift, then I’ll have my ref shift, then I’ll drive off for a meeting that will last all afternoon. During the ref shift I hope to work on the slides for a presentation I’m giving on Friday.

The meeting is the Team Leaders and Facilitators meeting. Everyone who is a team leader or a facilitator (which is nearly everyone) gets together once a month with the dean to update each other on various projects. I usually take the minutes and post them to our internal wiki, so I quick get that page set up now that I’m thinking about it. I take my little netbook, which is fine for typing, but not great for formatting.

I get an email from our Baker & Taylor rep telling me they physically can’t do something that I know they can do (because they’re already doing it for me) and do my best to explain, but am pretty sure in trying to be detailed and explicit that I also come off as a snot. I should probably have called instead of emailed so I could have included tone of voice to balance out the message, but I hate the phone and I’m on the desk.

Slow morning on the desk so far. 45 minutes in and I had 2 textbook requests and 1 where are the printers.

Desk picked up after about 10am. Rushed off to lunch at noon and then off to the meeting. Did manage to get my slides finished and shared with my co-presenter.


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