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Thursday – A Day In The Life Of A Librarian January 27, 2011

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First thing in the door is political personality managing stuff that I’m not going to go into here, but I think this kind of training should have been the bulk of that required management class I had to take in grad school. I’m naturally fairly analytical and thick skinned, so I sometimes have to have subtleties of situations pointed out to me and then scramble to keep everyone happy.

Next up my co-presenter for tomorrow shows up and we go over our slides and arrangements for getting there tomorrow. Get an email from the organizer of our session with some more logistics and her phone number.

Get a call from a colleague about a book that could go in either of our fund areas. Sounds like we might both get a few copies.

A coworker stops in with a question about our new email software and I help her out.

I make the changes to the presentation that we talked about during our prep (just adding a slide and looking up a statistic comparison). Then I download from gdocs to ppt because we won’t have internet. I tweak the presentation and save again to ppt, pptx, odp, and pdf. I look up an ECAR comparison so I’ll have it handy. I print my speaker notes for the handful of pages I want to remember specific points for. I put the gdoc up on this site. I make a note to reread my article on the project so my favorite main points will be fresh in my mind. I pack up my business cards to take tomorrow.


Place an order for a faculty request and another to replace two damaged dvds. That turns into a mystery since I had been told the dvds don’t play, but it seems they do (at least on a computer). Apparently a patron had declared them lost, stripped all the ACC barcodes and stickers, then returned them to the book drop. I hand them off to our Senior Library Assistant to check them in our dvd player. He reports back that they seem to play fine. They’re good titles, so I decide to keep them for our campus and order new for the campus that asked me to get them replacements.

Read some book review emails.

Pose for a staff picture.

Ref Desk!

Questions include: textbooks, history 1301 book report, helping with the photocopier, directing students to the reserves area, helping someone copy/paste from word to blackboard – this one was particularly interesting because the teacher had explicitly stated margins and font size, but then asked them to copy/paste into a textbox when uploading the file would have been an option. Help someone with their unofficial transcript – the system doesn’t include the student’s name in the output screen, but it does show their student ID, so I suggested they copy their student ID card into the blank space on the transcript and circle the matching ID numbers.

Highlight moment – I hand a student a copy the History 1301 book report book spreadsheet. “Did you do this yourself?” “I had help.” “Did anyone ask you to do this?” “No.” “Did you get a high five?” “No.”  Then he gives me a high five.

Work on completing the changes to the report I started yesterday. Read my listserv emails. Finalized the changes to the report and sent it off for feedback. Back in the office. Review the staff photos and do some cropping and retouching and send out the changes for voting.

Sent out emails about: procedures for creating our profiles for receiving selection carts from our book vendor, where on the website the report I’ve been working on should be posted, what to do with some damaged books I was asked about, and my lunch choice for the tutoring conference I’m presenting at.

Spend the last little bit of the day working on purchasing in one of my fund areas.

Tomorrow I probably won’t post since I’ll be in San Antonio presenting.


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