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Wednesday – A Day In The Life Of A Librarian January 27, 2011

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Today is my long day on the reference desk (10am-1pm and 3pm-6pm). Before I get on the desk, I send off a quick email to our Baker & Taylor rep, still trying to deal with the issue from yesterday. I also quick call a colleague that had asked me to, to talk about a presentation to faculty, but she’s not in.

On the desk questions include: textbooks, where are the printers, can I print, need a book for history 1301 book report, need info on Julius Caesar – both the person and the play, and fetched books to send to other campuses. Sometimes if the textbook they want is for English, we can help them find the short story they need to read either in one of our other collections or online.

And background tasks include: email, editing the draft of yesterday’s minutes after questions from someone who had to leave early, printing out copies of the annotated History 1301 reading list that shows which ones we have copies of at my campus, schedule a meeting with my co-presenter to go over our talk, fill out my time sheet and travel reimbursement forms, worked on scheduling a book repair training for circulation staff, saw that the college transfer book display was low again and added some more books.


Back in the office I: Create the new poll for voting for the topic for our next discussion forum and email reference librarians. Updated staff development calendar of events. Work on feedback form of what we like and don’t like about our campus library for new library planning team.

Back on ref. with more of the types of questions above.

In between questions I: Make the changes that the dean requested to my report on our tech survey. Research CC licenses for the report. Finalize that training I’ve been working on coordinating.


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