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Monday: A Day in the Life of a Librarian (who is on summer break) July 26, 2011

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I’ve participated in each round of Library Day in the Life so far, so when I realized I wouldn’t be working during this one I was really sad, but then I decided to go ahead and participate anyway, even though I tend not to use this as a personal space. Hopefully it will still fill the intended purpose of sharing what life can be like as a librarian. Some of us have summer breaks!

In May I moved from Austin to Minneapolis with my partner. I won’t be starting at Normandale Community College until August, so we decided this would be the year we could finally go to GenCon. (He’s been before, but I haven’t.) We also decided that would make a good honeymoon, so let’s set the wedding for just before then. So this week I am at my parents’ in Pennsylvania helping to prepare.

Today I enjoyed my favorite salt bagels for breakfast while lounging around with my mom and dad. Then we drove the 45 minutes in to town to stop at Costco (we’re bad with crowds, so this was stressful), the mall (my mom was just tickled pink with the makeup tutorial we got at Sephora), and Whole Foods to get various supplies for the party/reception which we’ll have at their house.

We got home and all retreated to our rooms for an hour to rest and recover from all the activity.

The evening was full of  dinner, fruit, drawing arrow signs and the the Sy-Fy network.


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