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Friday: A Day In The Life Of A Librarian (Who Is On Summer Break) July 30, 2011

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This morning was last minute errands and food shopping followed by a drive to the airport to pick up friends. A closed stretch of limited access highway along with rush hour and construction traffic meant that a one hour drive home took over three hours instead. So rather than the very long game of Arkham Horror that I had planned to start around 4pm, I relaxed with visiting family and just did a short intro to the game without a full play through.

There is one component of the game that has character cards in alphabetical order. One of my (librarian) friends joked about how unfair it was to expect him to alphabetize. His wife quipped back that he should organize them in call number order by their professions. Then we debated Dewey or LC. He said since it was my game not his, we should do LC. (He’s in publics.) Yay librarian geeks!


One Response to “Friday: A Day In The Life Of A Librarian (Who Is On Summer Break)”

  1. Angelica Says:

    NERDS! I think I would organize them by profession tagging since I still don’t have Dewey or LC memorized. Yay democratic taxonomy!

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