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A Day In The Life Of A Librarian: Quick Week Recap February 2, 2012

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I’m so sad to have missed the notice for the most recent Library Day in the Life!

I’m already well into today and won’t be in tomorrow, so I’ll do a quick recap of highlights of the week.

Monday I began the day by prepping some information and screenshots on my proposed redesign for our link resolver. I spent some of the morning preparing answers to library student questions about collection development for later that evening. Then we had a website meeting where the librarians discussed changes we were interested in implementing, including my link resolver changes, which were approved. I ran down to duplicating to grab some color printouts of little table top signs I had made about noise traveling from the mezzanine area. The reference and instruction librarians (myself included) had a quick meeting to go over the presentation to faculty we would be giving later that day, including finalizing our handout. I went through emails and then off to the ‘Embedding the Library into D2L’ presentation and then home. In the evening I Skyped in to a library school classroom to talk about collection management.

Tuesday I had the afternoon/evening shift, so I was on the reference desk 3pm-10pm. In addition to reference questions, I also set up the black history month display, wrote a request for funding to go to ALA, and staffed our 24/7 chat cooperative.

Wednesday I have the early morning/day shift, so I was on the reference desk 8am-3pm. It was pretty busy most of the day. I printed a color sign to go with the black history month display and got through emails, but that’s about it besides helping students.

Today I am pretty well caught up, so I’ve been going through emails and professional journals. I chatted with a colleague about one of her upcoming instruction sessions and I’ll be on the desk a little this afternoon.


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