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Library Technology Conference (March 15) March 28, 2012

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Chatting over the morning snacks I got some reading suggestions, including Kathleen de la Pena McCook. I also wrote a note to myself to find ‘that article about porn and cats – political ,’ which showed up as my first hit when I searched for ‘internet cats and porn political’. I do love the internet. It was “The Cute Cat Theory of Digital Activism

Keynote: Larry Johnson

I apparently took no notes on this one. He did announce that they would be doing a Horizon Report specifically for libraries.

Prove it! Me Report Pretty One Day

This was my stand out session. Software suggestions of tableau public for visualization. (note to check whether we can upload our data). Also hohli.

Reminder to use macros. Can record a process and have Excel re-run it. (to clean up data among other things) e.g. Excel can list the most common words (analyzing open ended question answers). Note to self to follow up on getting analytics set up for the library website (can you believe we don’t have that!?). There was a particularly good slide about targeting reports, something I’m aware of in my writing in general, but maybe haven’t put as much thought into in reporting. Suggestion of book – The Non-Designer’s Design Book.

Suggestion to use templates and smart art in Word.


Another slide had a great example of prettying up a report and displaying #s more effectively.

I have a note that says “links to library resources from D2L” which I’m not sure what I meant to tell myself with, but I’m leaving it here in case I remember.

Good charts read top to bottom and left to right, like we’re used to.

Think about flow between graphs.

There was a great chart about “goodness” of citations.

Assess the report and outcome.

note to self: double check LibData for analytics, follow up with IT on analytics for library website

Lunch: There was board gaming during Thursday lunch. I didn’t game, but I was interested in connecting with fellow librarian gamers and it looks like the people running the games may be working on a mailing list.

Books on the floor: teaching information literacy

Students most appreciated learning how to identify credible sources. This was interesting since my own surveys at ACC tended to show students most appreciating learning about keywords. I don’ t think I’ve discovered a trend yet at Normandale. (reminder to re-institute my minute papers next semester when we’re not doing this big assessment project.)

Maybe discuss how Google tailors results?

Example – holds a bottle of soda, has them describe it. explains “those are search terms”

primary sources from WWi = great war

splits room and has half do Google and half databases

Talking about different tools, sometimes Google is good, e.g. careers


FAIR and OIM – 2 different immigration sites

Overall, I had several good takeaways from this session. It did delve into one of my pet peeves – teaching with joke sites – but there was plenty of other great stuff.

Approaches to Database Management: Did Our Comprehensive Review Work?

1 big project each year on a 4 year cycle (weed, journals, databases, satisfaction)

serials solutions has an overlap analysis (do we use this at Normandale?)

canceled bio abstracts, picked up scopus

messages coming from Dean’s office = good (as opposed to coming from librarian)

charts of database usage over months

proxy server statistics (<-that’s a thing, look into)

See if Mayya knows about SUSHI


Homegrown Usability Testing– Will It Provide Results?


book – Rocket Surgery Made Easy


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