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ALA 2012 – Faculty Development Follow-up Report July 12, 2012

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My report back to my college from ALA 2012:

A brief description of new ideas and information obtained:

You can read my full conference report including my notes from each session I attended at:


Highlights include:

“I Can Do It All By Myself”: Exploring new roles for libraries and mediating technologies in addressing the Do-It-Yourself mindset of library patrons

  • The importance of the library as a collaborative space for students to work on projects and studying together with access to library resources, but also access to technology, whiteboards, being able to talk, etc.
  • Creating self-service points

Addressing Global Diversity: Meeting the Needs of International Students in Academic Libraries

  • Canada uses the phrase – English as a Subsequent Language (not assuming only 2 languages)
  • Be conscious of how we use English when speaking to non-native speakers of English
    • Correcting mistakes makes people not speak next time
    • Ask “does this make sense to you” rather than “do you understand”
      • Students may not have similar understanding of what a library is and how they work and won’t know terms. Library’s in their country may have different rules and behavioral expectations

Hot Topics in Community College Libraries / National Council for Learning Resources Report

  • Many groups are working on Open Access to Educational Resources (free, open access etextbooks) (Flatword Knowledge, Rice, U of M, and more)

Forum on ACRL’s Value of Academic Libraries Initiative

  • Hoping to get 300 institutions involved over 3 years, teams need at least 1 librarian and 2 others in institution that aren’t librarians
  • Several good survey question phrasings
  • E.g. – qualitative question from a famous Ohio survey (school librarians): Remember the last time you got help at the library. What help did you get? What did that help enable you to do?

Learning Styles: Fiction, Nonfiction, or Mystery?

  • Research is showing video tutorials don’t work. Example story of a school with 2 versions of their tutorials – webpage with the screenshots was more effective than screencast regardless of learning style

Discovery Systems: The Promise and the Reality

  • Good reminders about working with webscale discovery systems (Normandale has Summon aka Library Combined Search)
  • When looking at future database stats the important stats will be full text downloads, not searches since users will search Summon more often than the individual interfaces
  • Make sure any new database purchases play nice with Summon – The first question they ask database vendors is, “Does it work in our webscale system?”

Ideas Normandale Community College may want to consider implementing:

  • Creating more group study rooms
    • Look into implementing/participating in/repurposing questions from the MISO survey – http://www.misosurvey.org/  (“The MISO Survey is a web-based quantitative survey designed to measure how faculty, students, and staff view library and computing services in higher education.”)
    • Look into open access etextbook models
    • Consider applying to participate in the next level of ACRL’s Value of Academic Libraries Initiative
    • For tutorials – create webpages/pdfs with screenshots and instructions instead of or in addition to screencasts/videos

A description of the activity’s value to the college, your department and to yourself:

As the annual conference for my national professional organization, ALA included both a large chunk of practical takeaways (many of which are listed above) and many opportunities to strengthen relationships with colleagues around the country, as well as form new ones. In particular, I met and made plans to collaborate with several local Minnesotan librarians and was able to work face to face with several of my co-editors at In the Library with the Lead Pipe (a peer-reviewed online journal).

The college, my department and I (and our students) all benefit from the influx of new ideas, the increased network of colleagues to draw upon, and my own renewed energy and dedication.

Other comments:

Thank you for funding this incredibly fulfilling experience.

For a full conference report see:  https://ellieheartslibraries.wordpress.com/category/conferences/ala-2012/


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