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Friday Link Round Up April 25, 2008

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In case you missed it


A round up of some screenshot tools

  • Super Screenshot – enter a URL, get a screenshot
  • Skitch – “the internet camera, snap, draw, share”
  • Jing – download, captures images and video of anything on your computer
  • Snapper – Firefox add-on, easily saves only a portion of the page
  • Fireshot – Firefox add-on – can save the whole page, even what’s not currently visible, includes editing functions
  • Page Saver Basic – Firefox add-on – can save a whole page or just the visible portion
  • Screengrab – Firefox add-on – Save or copy the current page, viewport or selection in a png file
  • Just hit print screen and it will save what you can see to your clipboard

Friday Link Round Up April 22, 2008

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… A little late and less up to date since I was away at TLA, expect a larger one this Friday

Going Green



Librarian humor April 20, 2007

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A series of Mac v. PC style videos about IT professionals and librarians from iAPCL


I especially like #3. Face it. We’re all nerds here.